BEDTIME ROMP? I’D RATHER CUDDLE UP WITH A BOOK FEELING romantic tonight? Then you had better hide your partner’s book because it seems that most of us prefer a good read to anything more intimate at bedtime.

A third of Britons cuddle up with a book before going to sleep, while only a pathetic 0.5 per cent of the nation is in the mood for a spot of lovemaking, according to a new survey.

What’s more, 14 per cent of us are more likely to throw a longing glance at our laptops – and make a last-minute check of the social media sites – than make eyes at our bedmates.

And, if the passion-killing study is right, many of us can’t even bother to get anywhere near our partners once it’s lights out.

Instead, a quarter sleep in the ­“cliffhanger position” on the edge of the bed, with about the same number resolutely lying on their sides on their half of the mattress.

Which, rather reassuringly, still leaves 50 per cent of people enjoying a cuddle or even a kiss before nodding off.

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