Walkway ‘must be kept through bedroom furniture’

Vegas Range

Vegas Range

Those re-designing the sleeping areas of their homes may wish to take the advice of one expert, who has suggested a clear walkway should always be kept through to the bedroom furniture to maximise space.

Helen Green, writing for the Terry’s Fabrics Interior Design Blog, explained: “Any piece that blocks the entry way, even in the middle of the room, will block natural view and make the area appear cramped.”

Furthermore, opting for smaller pieces of bedroom furniture – such as perhaps a single bed, rather than a double – will also help cramped rooms to look less cluttered.

In addition to employing the tactic of clearing the walkways into the bedroom, Ms Green advised homeowners with not much space to play with would be wise to stick to cool, light colours when decorating and adding soft blues and greens for a light and airy feel.

Meanwhile, Sarah McAllister, director of the Feng Shui Agency and School of Chue Feng Shui, recently explained art has a huge bearing on a person’s health, energy and general luck in life and so should be selected carefully to enhance a room.

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