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  • Our new iGel™ Orion, with highly conductive ceramic, is our best yet. Reserached and developed in America, its patented formula works wtth your body’s natural temperatuture, so that you don’t get too hot or too cold at night. That’s because phase change crystals inside iGel™ respond to your body temperature to absorb excess heat when you are too hot or release stored heat when you are too cold – to keep you at a comfortable temperature. Just right.

    • With 5cm of new formula iGel™ for that just right comfort feeling.
    • iGel™ works with your body’s natural temperature so that you do not sleep too hot, or too cold – you sleep just right.
    • The patented phase change gel crystal formula, with highly conductive ceramic was developed in America to absorb excess heat when you are too hot and release heat when you are too cold.
    • iGel™ crystals provide advanced body support by clustering in areas of body pressure, while the Memory Technology in iGel™ relieve aches, pains and pressure points.
    • 2500 pocket springs encased inside a protective foam wall, provide you with advanced body support.
    • Breathable strong and stretchy mattress fabric provides lasting softness
    • Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic friendly
    • 32cm mattress depth
  • Mattress Depth 32cm

    Mattress Size Guide

    Helping you choose the right size for you.

    Bed SizeFeet & InchesInchesCentimeters
    Small Single2'6" x 6'3"29.5" x 75"75 x 190cm
    Single3' x 6'3"36" x 75"90 x 190cm
    Small Double4' x 6'3"48" x 75"120 x 190cm
    Double4'6" x 6'3"54" x 75"135 x 190cm
    King5' x 6'6"60" x 78"150 x 200cm
    Super King6' x 6'6"71" x 78"180 x 200cm

    Ordering a super king bed? Ensure you’ve measured up

Customer Reviews

Average customer rating

Reviewer: JG
"Bought this mattress as it was the comfiest we found. Completely happy with the comfort of the mattress, our issue comes from the fact that this mattress is too wide and from the complete lack of customer support we have received once we have parted with out money! When we measured our mattress it is 138cm wide, 3cm wider than a standard double. We contacted head office as the mattress is too wide for our bed frame so it does not lay flat as our bed frame is recessed. This causes the edges of the mattress to sit higher than the middle and does not allow the mattress to lay flat. The consequent dip in the middle is not conducive to a good night's sleep. An 'independent' company was sent out to officially measure the bed. The man who showed up told us that they allowed two cms either way as normal tolerance. However, our mattress is 3 cms wider than standard and yet they are now claiming that this is within tolerance and will do nothing. The 'independent' man repeated several times, "why don't you just get a new bed frame? This is a really good mattress!". Our argument was that our bed frame was new and that there is no information on Bensons' website or at no point were we advised by Bensons that the mattress could be wider than 135cm. We went into Bensons to complain as we were unhappy with the outcome and out of interest a member of staff measured the king size mattress on display. The king size should have been 150cm wide yet measured at 156cm! I want to stress that this is a very comfortable mattress, however, you must be aware that these mattresses measure wide. Were we made aware we would not have bought this mattress as we would have known it would not have fitted into our bed frame. We are now faced with having to buy a different bed frame as Bensons are not willing to do anything to help rectify the situation. "
Reviewer: GK
"Decided to treat ourselves to a new mattress as we had a a memory foam mattress previously and felt we had no support, which caused both my husband and I to get out of bed each morning full of aches and pains.
We were taken by the IGEL mattress in the shop with it's supposedly great support ( nothing like the memory foam we were advised ) and its cooling powers ??
We feel this is a waste of time, a total gimmick.
We are unbearably warm in bed, causing us to be constantly wakening up!
As for the support, its just like the memory foam. It started off ok, however we are a year on now and the mattress is full of dips , bumps and lumps, giving no support what so ever.
Once again we are wakening up full of aches. What a huge waste of money. I would never recommend this bed to anyone.
Because of the expense its not something you can just go out and buy a new one.
Extremely disappointing !!!
Only giving one star as it started off ok !"
Reviewer: Shane
"I was welcomed to Bensons (Boucher Road, Belfast) by a friendly and very professional gentleman named Mark. His detailed knowledge regarding the range of products on offer was very impressive. Mark's approach was non pushy and extremely patient. Mark demonstrated his ability to listen with genuine interest and answer all my questions very clearly. He then introduced me to a range of beds which met my specific requirements. When I lay on the iGel Orion, I immediately knew it was the one for me.
This bed is unlike any other I have ever slept in, quite simply, it's awesome. I feel like a new man! All aches and pains have disappeared. Several of my friends are now buying the same bed as they are so impressed after hearing my enthused review. Unsurpassed quality and value.
I would like to thank Bensons for providing such a wonderful product and in particular Mark, whose knowledge, patience and overall excellence in customer service were second to none!
Reviewer: Josh378
"Amazing mattress would recommend to everyone"
Reviewer: MH
"we had our old mattress, hypnos regal for over 15 years.. it was still good, but thought it was about time to actually change... we did so much research and tried so many beds that we thought this was the best one by far... (it was a choice of this or the DREAMS therapur.. we went with this one because it felt fantastic, it also had 2500 pocket springs (our old one only had 1400).... and i loved it because it was cooler than memory foam.. !!!

NB.. THIS IS NOT COOL.. unfortunately it must be a gimmick as i can't tell the difference.. it's a shame because i really wanted a cooler nights sleep as i get so baking hot at night... but i don't think it's any warmer at all....

anyway.. it arrived, they took the packaging away which was great, they put it on my bed.. and oh my GOD THE SMELL WAS SICKENING...toxic, petroleum that's what it smelled like...

BUT.. it's been 4 days now and it's finally going.. awful.. i thought we had made a dreadful mistake..so please don't worry about it.. IT WILL GO... we left it to air each day with the windows open.. and a bit of fabreeze seemed to work...

anyway.. it's very comfortable.. i have bad arthritis, and i find the the mattress is amazing.. really supportive and has such a lovely feel... it's very high, so i have to jump up onto the bed (i'm not very tall).. but i really do like it.

my concern is the other reviews about it sagging in the middle.. i really hope we will be ok...

i'm not sure this will last 15 years if i'm honest (i know they aren't supposed to).. but we do have a year guarantee.. and worse case, there was another mattress (just pocket springs and natural fillings) that i had my eye on which was a couple of hundred more... so i may go for that instead.. should this one fail.....but so far, i love it...."
Reviewer: SleepDeprived
"We have had this mattress for 1 week now and all I can say is please read other reviews. We tried it in the shop and it felt very comfortable. Indeed climb onto the one we have and you instantly think 'oh this is nice'. But spend more than 15 minutes laying on the mattress and you'll soon start to question the comfort.
The iGel is a gimick - we're absolutely roasting. There is no cooling property to the iGel - if anything it draws your heat, doubles it and then sends it straight back at you. We've gone from a 10.5 tog duvet to a sheet and we even try to pass that on to each other during the night.
We bought a superking - so it wasn't cheap and I'm regretting every minute of it. The middle section of the bed (where you need most support for obvious reasons) is certainly lacking in any form of support. I'm not quite sure what type of springs they have used but they simply give way resulting in the bed sagging terribly. If I lie on my back my mid section sinks into the bed and my feet end up off the mattress.
I'm not sure how to proceed with this now - I feel sick to the stomach in that I could have wasted quite a substantial amount of money on something that needs to go in the bin."
Reviewer: Adrian
"Fantastic brilliant great super sleep like log good night sleep"
Reviewer: Bartholomu Brown
"Bought this bed and haven't looked back! Love it so much I am considering buying one for our second home. Other reviewers either gott the wrong mattress or aren't utilising it correctly. Haven't had a better nights sleep in years!"
Reviewer: fannyfanacapan
"Was told this bed was the best thing for my back and keeping me cool. Quite the opposite my back seems to be worse and certainly not cooler than my previous mattress"
Reviewer: Webby1
"Bought this mattress before Christmas - deffo not worth the money! Not what expected at all! The mattress seems to retain heat - not cool you as was told when we bought it! It also seems to make you roll into the middle! All in all very disappointed in this mattress - don't waste your money! "
Reviewer: Bed Lover
"Got this mattress for our new TV bed . fits perfect
the mattress is so heavy. it feels like your are sleeping on a cloud - i would recommend this to anyone

not good when you're trying to get up for work .. that is the only downfall."
Reviewer: Joe Ross
"Over rated, not what I expected, really disappointed."
Reviewer: C
"My partner and I bought his bed as we both have back problems.
Feels like you are floating on air …..nothing like a good night's sleep,
and both our back problems have eased."

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