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  • Airflow 5000 Plus has an exclusive 1280 premier pocket springs incased in memory foam. Plus the latest Sensaform 'Airflow Memory Foam', helps reduce tossing and turning by eliminating uncomfortable pressure points and adding ventilation.

    Also included is ‘Posture Perimeter Plus’ a re-enforced foam border around the perimeter of the mattress for true edge to edge support and increases the sleeping surface area. The non turn mattress also has a hi-tech breathable border which works in harmony with the memory foam to keep the mattress cool and fresh.

    • 1280 premier pockets spring
    • True Edge to Edge Support
    • Hi-Tec Breathable Border
    • Double Depth Airflow Memory Foam
    • Mattress Height: 31cm
  • Mattress Depth 31cm

Customer Reviews

Average customer rating

Reviewer: Lynne
"We bought the bed plus mattress in April 2013 and it is lumpy ,the sides have collapsed so badly we both end up falling out of bed. I'm going to contact Bensons to see what can be done as a mattress should definitely last longer than this I one regret changing my 12 yr old bed for this one, it was far more comfortable"
Reviewer: Jane Doherty
"I've had this mattress now for over a year and it looks brand new, but me and my husband are only light. If we were very heavy we would expect a dip in the mattress as it does have a very soft feel. Its lovely and comfy, and I would definitely recommend to my friends. "
Reviewer: G Brown
"I bought the mattress this model replaces, the Airflow Memory 1250, about 5 years ago. It had, I believe, a 5 year warranty and guess what, it has just started to sag noticeably in the middle. The great thing about the mattress when we bought it was the comfort. It was brilliant and any movement of someone else in the bed was hardly felt. Now, it sags and we roll together into the middle and our backs feel twisted at an angle as we lie on it. I was looking to buy a replacement from the same range but I'm afraid I have been discouraged by the comments in several other reviews about sagging and the apparently unsympathetic customer service. I think I'll spend my money elsewhere."
Reviewer: Andy McCormack
"Ive had my airflow 5000 for 2 years now with no problems. I'm not the lightest guy around either! Fantastic bed with no issues."
Reviewer: Karen Honeywill
"Had this mattress after two night sleep the mattress started forming dips it was a replacement for my other 1250 airflow that done the same thing so complained time and time again to bensons they got fira man out done a report he said nothing wrong with it after suffing almost 3years it got worse bensons told me i had to pay out my pocket to get another report done so got homeserve out straight away the man said he wouldnt like to sleep in hammock he found the mattress faulty so bensons took it away give me this one airflow 5000 delivery men said it wouldnt be long before it happen again as they been taking loads back to bensons they was right as i said at begining it took 2 nights before it started again been on phone twice in a week already please if any one thinking of buying a mattress from bensons think twice dont do it i will never buy again even if its the last place on earth"
Reviewer: Kim Aldridge
"Just like Mr Evans review ours was great but after 6 months it has sunken and has baggy material on top, called Bensons , got. Fira man out to carry out a report but they say it's ok that a memory foam mattress has no memory !! What's all that about ! It is exactly the maximum allowed so no replacement for us, Well lesson learnt won't be buying anything else from Bensons I am afraid very Shoddy mattress avoid at all costs, have found dozens of bad reviews now on other complaint sites. I assume this review will not be shown on the Bensons site but makes me feel better writing it. "
Reviewer: Lewis Evans
"Nice and comfy in the beginning. Looses form quickly. Had it almost a year and has sunk around 2" in the middle!

Will contact them for a replacement product under warranty... we'll see what happens!
Reviewer: Gary Plant
"Best nights sleep I have had in years, I can't recommend this matress enough."
Reviewer: Helen
"I bought this mattress due to a serious spinal condition 18 months ago. I had surgery on my spine 12 months ago and I can honestly say that it is the best purchase I have ever made...FANTASTIC!!!"
Reviewer: Kathy E
"I purchased this mattress in April 2013 and have never looked back.

I trawlled all the bed shops in Oxford and compared matresses of similar quality, and even though this one was slightly more than my original budget it has transformed my sleeping habits.

I also purchased 2 new memory foam pillows - so no more neck ache. In fact no more back ache either.

This mattress gives support all over and unlike standard memory foam it doesnt make you too hot - the airflow system works.

I have recommended both the mattress and pillows to my friends and they are all just as happy with them as I am.

Go on treat yourself - afterall you only buy a new mattress every 10 years or so!"
Reviewer: brown
"I had initial reservations about this product after reading reviews on the previous models, but as the sales staff told me that the model was superceeded by the new airflow 5000 plus range I felt somewhat relieved, I am now on my second month and loving this mattress, thumbs up to the staff and their incredible knowledge, thank you"
Reviewer: perks
"Oct 13 - Had this jut over a month now and it is so good, it is firm but not too firm it seems to help my husband and I with our bad backs. We are so pleased we took the extra time to try out the different mattresses in the shop. The assistant was very helpful and not pushy like they are in some stores. We are so pleased with our purchase."

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