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Sealy - NBF, Made in UK

Sealy Posturepedic are the world’s biggest bed brand which means we invest more in thinking about sleep than anyone else. Our aim is to make you a deeper sleeper. If you enjoy deeper sleep, your body is much healthier and more importantly happier.

Sealy are committed to making everyone sleep better, on comfortable, well supported mattresses with innovative spring systems and using the very latest bed technology as we can call on technical developments from around the globe and bring the very latest sleeping solutions to our customers here in the UK.

Working in partnership with Bensons for Beds, we have developed two exciting ranges which offer support, comfort and style to suit all budgets. Sealy Ortho Collection models offer a truly orthopedic range whilst The International Collection brings together beautiful beds, co-ordinating headboards and cushions.

Each Sealy Posturepedic bed is handmade by highly skilled and experienced crafts people. We only use the finest fillings and upholstery to create our luxurious beds Handmade in the Lake District, Cumbria, UK.

Sealy Posturepedic are the only sleep systems approved by the world renowned Orthopedic Advisory Board. We are also endorsed by Allergy UK for our Sealy Smart Fibres technology which ensure the perfect environment for a healthy night’s sleep by eliminating house dust mites, bringing welcome relief to those susceptible to this type of allergen.


The International Collection

Exclusive to Bensons for Beds

Created exclusively with Bensons for Beds, the International Collection offers the ultimate in style and comfort. Each bed is individually styled and with the attention to detail to satisfy even the most discerning customer.

View the Sealy International Collection

View The Sealy International Collection



Ortho Collection

Made exclusively for Bensons for Beds

Designed exclusively for Bensons for Beds, the Sealy Ortho Collection provides exceptional comfort, support and weight distribution to the key areas of the body and also added mattress durability. The centre third of the mattress benefits from a unique combination of zoned springs and filling combinations which continually support the ‘core’ of the body whilst sleeping – ensuring you wake refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

View the Sealy Ortho Collection

View The Sealy Ortho Collection



Our technology ...

Drawing from our latest global technology, each bed in the collection has a combination of the following features:


Geltex® is a patented gel infused foam that is quite simply the most advanced sleeping material available. It has all the pressure relieving properties of traditional memory foam but is different in significant ways.

Unlike either memory foam or latex, Geltex has a unique open cell structure which provides greater breathability for the sleeper. This structure allows air to pass through easily and allows the body temperature to dissipate and therefore gives the sleeper a more constant temperature during the night.

Geltex also provides a level of ‘push back’ body support that memory foam lacks and has a soft, yet supportive feel more akin to natural latex. It’s flexible properties distribute body weight evenly, preventing pressure points from building by relieving pressure where you need it most – helping to reduce the discomfort of aching joints and reduce circulatory problems.

The innovative elasticity ensures immediate spring back for support and comfort and also responds to the individual contours of the body providing perfect spinal alignment and support throughout the night.

Innergetic Latex

Innergetic Latex® contains a high proportion of natural Latex and offers exceptional comfort for even pressure relief with the added benefit of being naturally antibacterial and antifungal.

By also offering excellent ventilation, combined with Sealy Smart Fibres Innergetic Latex® helps create a healthy microclimate for a perfect sleeping environment.

Smart Fibres

Purotex® microcapsules release friendly bacteria into the fabric of the mattress to reduce mould and moisture - the 100% natural solution for a fresh, hygienic and dust-mite free mattress and endorsed by Allergy UK.

Purotex is a unique, patented technology with the following attributes:

  • PROBIOTIC antibiotic = technology of the past
  • HEALTHY MICRO-FLORA = active bedcleaner
  • NATURAL DEODORANT = high performing odor neutralizer
  • GUARANTEED CLEAN without washing


Adaptive® is ‘dynamic response’ textile technology that reacts to temperature and moisture. Hydro-functional polymers change shape, boosting evaporation and helping to maintain a constant temperature.

As the sleeping body heats up the textile, the adaptive treatment increases the evaporation process.

Extra evaporation reduces humidity and has a cooling effect encouraging a cool and dry micro-climate for enhanced sleep.


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