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Need help with your sleep?

We offer FREE specialist sleep consultations with our resident sleep expert Dr Guy Meadows

Do you . . .

  • Struggle to get good quality sleep at night?
  • Have difficulty falling to sleep or wake up lots?
  • Wake up too early and can’t fall back to sleep?
  • Wake up feeling unrefreshed every day?
  • Snore or stop breathing at night?
  • Experience bad dreams or terrors during sleep?
  • Feel like you sleep at the wrong time?
  • Find yourself sleep walking or talking?
  • Suffer from restless limbs during the night?

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If so, book in for a free private 1-2-1 sleep session with our resident sleep doctor – Dr Guy Meadows.

During the session Dr Guy will help you to understand what is happening with your sleep and what you can do to improve it.

You’ll leave with a bespoke plan of action and easy to use tips to help you get your sleep back on track

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Who is Dr Guy?

Dr Guy Meadows is the clinical director of The Sleep School and partner with Bensons for Beds. He gained his doctorate from Imperial College, London, where he worked at the sleep research laboratories of Charing Cross and the Royal Brompton Hospital. He is a leading figure in the area of chronic insomnia, pioneering the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness treatment. He is a published author (The Sleep Book – How to sleep well every night – Orion 2014) and regularly contributes to television and radio. He is passionate about helping people to achieve regular good quality natural sleep.