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At Bensons for Beds, we understand that whether you're buying a new bed, mattress or bedroom furniture, it's more than just a purchase - it's an investment. So we've created a series of buying guides to help you make the right decision, After all, everyone deserves a great night's sleep.


Bed frames buyer's guide

Bed frames buyer's guide

Some might believe a bed frame is just a platform to rest your mattress on. In one sense, it is. But thanks to the sheer range of styles available, your bed frame can set the tone for the rest of the room.

Get the focal point of your room right

Bed frames come in an impressive array of materials and styles. The simplicity of some is their selling point – while others incorporate ornate design features and intricate storage systems. Our buyer’s guide is full of useful things for you to consider.

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Divan beds buyer's guide

Divan beds buyer's guide

As the centre-piece of the room, your bed needs to do its job – beautifully. And though its appearance is a crucial part of this, so is the practicality of its design.

Britain's favourite type of bed

The simplicity of the divan bed makes it a very efficient user of space. The base can take up less room than a conventional bed frame, while offering a number of useful storage options beneath. Headboards or valances can allow a design match with the wider room – as our buyer’s guide explains.

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Mattresses buyer's guide

Mattresses buyer's guide

A lot depends on getting a good night’s sleep – from energy levels the next day, to general feelings of well-being. Not surprisingly, there is a wide range of mattresses to ensure you wake up feeling fully refreshed.

Finding the right mattress for you

When the time comes to change your mattress, the new one should be treated as an investment. After all, you’ll be spending around eight in every twenty-four hours on it! Our buyer’s guide takes you through the key features of every type – sprung, memory foam, latex and more.

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Bedroom furniture buyer's guide

Bedroom furniture buyer's guide

Apart from the bed, many things go into creating the perfect area to sleep in. By using all our expertise, we’ve set out exactly what you need to consider when planning yours.

Choose items to reflect
how you use your bedroom

A bedroom can have many other roles apart from being a place to sleep. From home office to exercise area, the space should work, whatever use it’s put to. Our buyer’s guide sets out some of the essential things to consider, while giving you plenty of inspirational ideas.

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Hip Hop Wooden Bed Frame

3 simple steps to a better bed

Your choice of bed might be swayed by many things – the firmness of the mattress, the amount of storage space beneath it, the type of material used for the frame.

Settle on your perfect bed

Our buyer’s guide breaks it all down into a few simple steps. That includes what needs to be considered for children and adults alike. You’ll also find some useful information about our Comfort Station – where you can try out a range of mattresses to discover the perfect level of firmness for you.

3 steps to a better bed