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A comfortable Bensons Bed

7 Things every bedroom
should be

Plus tips on how to achieve them

What makes the perfect bedroom?

The answer of course is lots of things, from the bed you sleep on, to the bedroom furniture you choose. But we think there’s more to it than that. We believe there are 7 key ingredients everyone wants their bedroom to be. 7 qualities that make a bedroom perfect in every way. Over the next few pages we’re going to count them down. And more than that, we’ll show you how to achieve them too.


This information guide will tell you all you need to know about creating your perfect bedroom.


3. Spacious

How to make the most of the space you've got

Your bedroom is more than a place to sleep. It’s where you get ready each morning, before you leave the house, and somewhere to relax, during the day.
So you want it to be a space you can move around freely. Here’s how to make it work.

  1. Tidy up tops
    Try and keep the tops of your bedroom furniture clear of clutter. If in doubt, keep only those items that you use regularly, and squirrel everything away.
  2. Lighten up
    Harsh, overhead lighting is a no-no. Not only does it make the room look dull, they create excessive shadows which make the room feel enclosed. Switch to soft table lamps, to give the room a warm, open and inviting glow.
  3. Reflect, reflect, reflect
    If you get dressed in your bedroom, a full-length mirror is a must anyway, especially opposite the window where it will show off the room and your reflection at its best. But also consider a couple of extra mirrors, to bounce light around.
  4. Reach for the sky
    Can’t make the room wider? Why not try taller instead? When picking your bedroom furniture, always bear in mind that going floor-to-ceiling is a good way to trick the eye into thinking it’s seeing a bigger room.
  5. Be brutal
    That old leather armchair you spotted on eBay and fell in love with... or the enormous wardrobe your parents passed down to you...if they don’t fit, get rid and invest in something more realistic instead.

The magic of storage beds

Your bed is typically the centrepiece of the room, meaning it takes up the most space. But you can off-set that by using the space underneath it as storage. Choose a Divan Bed, which usually has two-drawers or four-drawers built-in, or choose an Ottoman bed, which has hinges on it allowing you to lift up the mattress and reavel a cupboard space underneath. Typically you’d use the under-bed space for things like blankets, bedding or shoes, but the possibilities are endless really.

Measuring up

  • Make sure your new bed will be in proportion with the rest of the room
  • Make sure you leave enough space to walk around the bed, or for any under-bed drawers to open
  • Measure your doors too, to ensure the bed will fit through when it’s delivered

Our measurements

Small single 190cm x 75cm

Single 190cm x 90cm

Small double 190cm x 120cm

Double 190cm x 135cm

King size 200cm x 150cm

Super king size 200cm x 180cm


4. Calming

How to turn your bedroom into a soothing sanctuary

From the way you use lighting, to the colours you put on the walls, here’s how to turn your humble bedroom into a haven of calm.

Decorate in calming colours
Pale purple, or violet, feels soft and the scent of lavender. Cool blues evoke the sea and the sky, lending your room a calming, tranquillity. Soft, delicate browns give the room a rich calmness full of autumnal warmth. Green reflects nature so it’s said to be a restful colour that puts people at ease.White opens up a room, making it feel light and naturally airy.

Light up, not down
By day you want your bedroom to be flooded with natural light. But in the evening, go for tranquil lighting. That means you 100w ceiling light needs to be switched off – permanently. Consider installing a dimmer switch, then populate the corners of your room with soft table lamps.

Treat your toes to a rug
When you first step out of bed on a chilly morning, wouldn’t it be nicer to step onto a rich, thick rug? Rugs add a real touch of cosiness to your room... and cosiness equals contentment as far as we’re concerned.

Sprinkle something scent-sational
Fragrances are a very sensual way of altering the ambience of your bedroom. So why not experiment with a scented candle, essential oil burner, or even a fragrance spritzer. Particularly soothing fragrances include: bergamot, chamomile, lavender, lemon, sandalwood, valerian and ylang-ylang.

Treat yourself to fresh flowers
Why wait for other people to buy you flowers? It is thought that you feel more relaxed when you’re close to flowers, so why not treat yourself now and again? Either pick a bunch from your garden, or brighten up your bedroom with a bouquet from your local florist.


Dr Guy's tips for a comfortable night's sleep

Being able to make your bedroom dark as possible when sleeping is part of the sleep process. Your brain associates the dark with sleep and therefore when in a dark room it releases melatonin a hormone that promotes sleep. This is why you find that you sleep better when in a dark room. The opposite happens when your brain detects light, and releases cortisol which is the waking up hormone. Your body then starts to prepare itself for the day ahead.

Dr. Guy Meadows