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Created using the Finest Natural Materials
Bespoke Materials

“Bespoke mattresses are made using the finest natural materials.”

British Wool
The original super fibre

Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, hypoallergenic, sustainable and naturally flame resistant, British wool is a truly amazing material.

In addition, it absorbs harmful pollutants, is naturally anti-static and is also the world’s most breathable fibre.

We have specially selected breeds of sheep which offer unique features to the mattress:

100% British Highland wool – from breeds which have adapted to very windy and harsh environments to produce wool that is thicker and longer lasting, adding durability to the mattress.

100% British Lowland wool - from breeds wandering the moors and dales producing wool that is finer in texture. Light and soft, this beautiful luxurious fibre provides superb insulation and offers a truly opulent feel.


Enhances the coolness and breathability of the mattress and also offers natural antibacterial properties, helping to keep the mattress fresh and clean.


A very special natural fibre that contributes to the sumptuous, cushiony feel of the pillow top. Lustrous, smooth and incredibly strong, no wonder it’s been used by man since the 27th Century BC.


The softest most luxurious wool in the world – if it can keep a goat warm high up in the Himalayas then it will definitely keep you warm.


One of the new breed of exotic fibres offering the very best in comfort, feel and performance. Alpaca is hypoallergenic and excellent for those with sensitive skin.

Pockets of Individual Responsive Support
Bespoke Responsive Lifestyle Bespoke Responsive

“Sumptuous pockets of individualresponsive support”

Micro Pocket Spring Layer

Designed to give three dimensional support, this micro pocket spring layer pivots through a full 360° to completely mirror body movement providing comfort and pressure relief.

Traditional Pocket Spring System

Used in the core of the Bespoke mattress collection, the inner springs are encased in a fabric pocket which allows them to move individually and respond to every body movement. This gives each sleeper their own comfort and also minimises disturbance between partners.

Posture Perimeter Plus Support System*

The outer side two rows of pocket springs are made from extra firm wire which work with the outer frame for complete mattress edge to edge support giving a full size sleeping surface.

*This feature is not available on the Pure Bliss model