10 tips to Feng Shui your bedroom

Feng Shui – the system of arranging your surroundings to promote harmony, balance and positive energy – can make a world of difference to how your bedroom looks and, more importantly, makes you feel. Read our top Feng Shui tips to boost your bedroom chi…

1. Position your bedrooms at the back of the house if you can, where it’s considered more peaceful.

2. Arrange your bed so you can see the door from where you sleep to boost inner security.

3. But don’t position your bed too close to the door as the strong flow of energy from can disrupt a good night’s sleep.

4. Hide away active furniture, like exercise equipment and computers to help you relax.

Feng shui bedroom tips

5. Share your bed? Feng Shui teaches that space inequality here can filter into your relationship. Avoid putting your bed next to a wall in the corner of your room when working on your Feng Shui bedroom layout as one of you will have more space and freedom than the other.

6. Angle away or remove mirrors from facing your bed. Reflecting your body while you sleep is thought to interfere with your ability to recharge, sapping your energy.

7. Reposition furniture with sharp corners – thought to create Sha Chi (negative, sharp or attacking energy) away from your bed, or buy rounded corner guards to hide the points.

Feng shui bedroom layout

8. Place something beautiful near your bed, so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up.

9. But avoid hanging anything above your bed that’s heavier than a piece of fabric, as it could create oppressive energy that will creep into your everyday life.

10. Minimise harsh colours or light in the bedroom – soft lighting and pastel colours are best.

For advice on how to get a good night’s rest, check out our top 10 tips for a better sleep.

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