14 impossibly romantic bedroom ideas

Is your bedroom a haven of love… or a passion killer you can’t wait to get out of? If it’s the latter, you need our romantic room ideas. Easy and fun, they’re guaranteed to put the oomph back into your bedroom decor – and add some spice to your love life.

So follow our bloggers’ tips to say goodbye to date nights out and hello to romantic evenings in.

1. Personal décor 

Hang a selection of your favourite Polaroid photos of the two of you on a piece of string, to remind you of your favourite times together. Use small wooden pegs to attach them for a cute, quirky look.


2. Show off cards

Save pretty Valentine’s or birthday cards – they can double up as romantic decorations for a bedside table or dresser, particularly if you put them in a frame.


3. Flower power

Fill vases with fresh flowers and place them around your room, to add a soft and sensual feel. If your other half doesn’t surprise you with a bunch, it’s time to treat yourself.


4. Clear the clutter

Create a more romantically inviting space by banishing mess – a clutter-free bedroom will help you relax and focus on each other.

Written by Abby, the writer behind the award winning At Home with Abby, a blog that covers affordable home trends, DIY projects, lifestyle and more.

5. Hang fairy lights

Drape some fairy lights above your bed or hang them from the bed frame – the warm glow will help create a soft, romantic atmosphere.

01a lights b

6. DIY bedding

Use fabric paint to spell out a message to your loved one on your pillowcases. It’s easier than you’d think, and a great way to show how much you care.

02a bedding b

7. Bring a balloon

A helium balloon instantly creates a sense of occasion. Choose a colour that suits the décor in your room – red isn’t always best!

03a balloonb

8. Play cupid

Craft a love arrow from a stick and some paper or card, then tie on a little love note and leave it on your partner’s pillow for them to discover.

04a arrow on bedb

9. Love jars

For a thoughtful gift that won’t break the bank, surprise your partner with a jar filled with written notes saying what you love most about them.

05a love note jar b

Mum and interiors journalist Heather runs a blog and vlog called About Growing Spaces, where she talks everything from decorating ideas to project managing.

10. Warm things up

There’s nothing less romantic than shivering in the cold. So make sure your bedroom is at a comfortable temperature and use candles to increase the feeling of warmth.

11. Think about colour

Use accessories to introduce a temporary accent colour into your room. Remember, there are alternatives to red – blush pink is a flirty option.


12. Play with texture

Add texture to your bed to awaken your sense of touch. Velvet throws are great for creating a sensual ambience in no time at all.


13. Perfect pillows

To leave your partner a lingering reminder of you, lightly spritz pillows with your favourite perfume. Plump your pillows afterwards, for a bed dressed to perfection.


14. Get arty

Lift the room (and your mood) by hanging inspiring messages on the walls. Frame your favourite romantic quote and place it in an eye-catching position – it can make a great alternative to a traditional card.


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