7 Beauty Sleep Hacks To Keep You Feeling Fresh This December

Sleep is vital to our physical and mental wellbeing. A lack of sleep can lead us to be a bit cranky and sometimes noticeably drained. The term ‘beauty sleep’ might seem a touch cliché. But you’ll be able to recall plenty of times when you only had six hours sleep rather than the recommended eight, when you were perhaps a touch more irritable than normal. You’ll have noticed the difference when you’ve managed to get the full eight hours in too.

A great night’s sleep will always leave us looking and feeling refreshed.

The winter months can be especially taxing, and the longer and darker nights can play havoc with your body clock. Usually, when it gets dark, you’d head to bed, yet with packed social calendars and our bodies receiving mixed messages, it’s harder to get a proper sleep routine and winter can end up taking its toll.

To combat the winter woes and help everyone getting a better night’s sleep, we’ve teamed up with actor, TV presenter and beauty expert, Melissa Hartzel – who has offered her tips to a better and more refreshing night’s sleep.

The truth about Brits and beauty sleep

As the nation’s favourite bed specialist, we’re committed to providing the best night’s sleep possible for everyone across the UK. However, as we found in our Big Sleep Report, getting enough sleep, let alone beauty sleep, can be tricky:

1.The UK is currently experiencing a sleeplessness epidemic, with the average person losing the equivalent of an entire night of sleep (7.7 hours) every single week.

2.Only 1% of those surveyed reported waking up feeling ‘completely refreshed’ and 49% reportedly feeling ‘not at all refreshed’ on waking.

3.The level of sleeplessness reported for both men and women was identical at 6.4 hours sleep per night, although women reported needing 5% more sleep than men to be able to perform at their best during the day (7.6 hours vs 7.2 hours).

With so few Brits getting the beauty sleep they need, we teamed up with Melissa Hartzel to bring you these beauty sleep hacks.

Melissa Hartzel’s Top 7 beauty sleep hacks revealed

1.Exfoliate your skin with an exfoliating face wash or cream. Exfoliating the skin helps to increase circulation, remove dead skin cells and clean the skin’s surface, leaving your face looking fresher and brighter.

2.Reduce the puffiness around your eyes by placing cold chamomile tea bags on your eyes. Their anti-inflammatory properties will make your skin look fresher and calmer.

3.Our cheeks lose their natural pinkness when we’re run down. Apply a touch of pink blusher to restore your rosiness before each day.

4.Draw attention away from tired eyes with a classic red lipstick. The colour contrast will deflect away from your tiredness, even if you’re not quite awake yet.

5.Highlighter along the prominent features on your face will you catch the light better. A touch swept across the nose, brow bone and cheekbones will give you an illuminating glow.

6.Even if you aren’t feeling your freshest, two extra coats of mascara can make your eyes look bigger, brighter and more awake.

7.Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Your skin will look fresher, healthier and plumper, while dehydrated accentuates how tired you are.

 For further information on the importance sleep has on your health and beauty, find out more with Bensons for Beds. Let us help you get a good night’s sleep.

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