‘A quick nap’ might help a person’s memory

'A quick nap' might help a person's memory

‘A quick nap’ might help a person’s memory

Having a sleep after learning something might help to take it in, a study has suggested.

According to researchers at the University of Lubeck in Germany, they have found the brain is better at safeguarding a memory when someone is taking 40 winks, compared to when they are awake.

This might encourage people to take a nap on Silent Night beds or Memory mattresses when they are revising at home as the study – published in Nature Neuroscience – found participants who slept in between an exercise were able to retain the experiences from it better than those who were still awake.

Lead author of the experiment Susanne Diekelmann pointed out: “Recall is a reconstructive process in which memories can be changed and distorted.”

And those heading off for 40 winks to try to help remember some information more easily might also like to purchase mood lighting as Eva Hammerson, head of design at Kandabi, said this can “greatly enhance” a property.

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