Add style to bedroom furniture with paint and finishes

Casa Bedroom Furniture

Casa Bedroom Furniture

Homeowners have been advised to use paint and other finishes if they would like to add “a lot of style” to their sleeping quarters, an area that is decorated with bedroom furniture.

Helen Green, author of the blog on, said a second complementary colour within one part of the home is a highly fashionable option.

Meanwhile, fixing a rail which runs around the walls, with the area below in a different shade to above, is also a recommended course of action.

“Consider a grouping in different sizes or make a headboard from long, rectangular mirrors, hung closely to each other,” stated Ms Green, adding: “When considering interesting accessories, de-cluttering is a must.”

The centrepiece, however, could be a brand new divan bed that offers a comfortable place to rest and a significant quota of trendiness.

Earlier this week, the same writer suggested adding a canopy or netting to a bed in order to increase the warmth and cosiness enjoyed by its owner.

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