Adequate sleep ‘can enhance weight loss’

Adequate sleep 'can enhance weight loss'

The ability to lose weight can be improved by getting enough sleep, a researcher claims.

A study carried out by Dr Siobhan Banks at the UniSA Centre for Sleep Research suggests that, conversely, failing to catch enough shuteye can pile on the pounds, Health Canal reports.

She is due to present her findings at a conference in Christchurch New Zealand and asserts that reduced rest of four or five hours per night can put a strain on the body, increasing the risk of being overweight and developing conditions such as type-2 diabetes.

“What we have found suggests that sleep restriction may be a factor in the development of obesity and possibly type -2 diabetes as it disturbs regular, efficient metabolic functioning,” she told the news source.

Meanwhile, researchers in San Diego at the University of California recently discovered that getting enough rest could extend the lives of women, with between five and eight hours sleep, perhaps in Silentnight beds, recommended.

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