Advice offered for getting a good night’s sleep

Advice offered for getting a good night's sleep

Advice offered for getting a good night’s sleep

A series of tips have been published by a newspaper on how to ensure a good’s night’s sleep.

The article by Alison Johnson for the Winnipeg Free Press suggests cutting down on coffee and ceasing to drink caffeine after 2pm can boost the odds of nodding off.

She quoted neurologist Dr Martha Boulos of the Sleep Disorders Center at Sentara CarePlex Hospital in Hampton, Virginia, who said: “Caffeine may increase irritability, make falling asleep at night difficult or cause frequent waking during the night.”

Rewinding at night by reading or listening to soft music is advised, contacting a medical professional if sleep problems are persistent.

If a poor night’s rest tossing and turning on mattresses has been had, the piece goes on to suggest sufferers should take care with driving the following day as reaction times can be affected, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, stay cool to keep awake and eat healthily.

Recommendations from the Sleep Council to enhance slumber include investing in the correct bed frames and mattresses, which should be comfortable and provide the right level of support during the night.

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