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Summer may have been glorious and short though Autumn has been creeping up rather quickly! With the onset of colder weather you might find yourself airing your bedroom and bedding less, but you don’t have to lose that summer fresh sensation though, we’ve got some great tips on how you can avoid the cold and stay cosy fresh in bed.

We’ve covered this before, and although how often you wash your bedding is a personal preference, it’s recommended to wash weekly. Not only will this help keep your bedding fresh, soft and in good condition, it’ll also keep it cleaner. You might be surprised to learn that its better to use a warm or cooler temperature than a hot one – which can shrink the fibres and wash out colours. Always check the label of your bedding though.

Using your tumble dryer in colder days will help leave your sheets feeling super soft, plus who doesn’t love that warm feeling from taking them out. Be sure to follow the label instructions and ensure they’re fully dry before folding and storing your bedding. For the best results and make sure your bedding feels fresh and new, give them a quick iron.

We’ve also mentioned before some amazing and different ways to store your bedding and keep it looking fresh, together and tidy.

Thread count
Get the best possible thread count you can afford, somewhere between 200 to 400 thread count will help your skin breathe while you sleep reducing the chance to overheat and sweat too much.

There are some natural oils and scents to consider when wanting to keep your bedding fresh, the added bonus is some of these can also help you sleep better for their properties!

Try the below:

– Lavender

– Lemon Balm

– Lilac

– Rose Petals

– Peppermint

Plus here are some great tutorials for creating some scented sachets to use when storing your bedding!

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