Bedding products ‘can assist good sleep’

Bedding products 'can assist good sleep'

Consumers are on the search for products that can help them secure a good night’s sleep, it has been claimed.

In an article for Canadian newspaper the Star, Vicky Sanderson explained that there is a growing body of items that are targeted at improving rest, including memory foam mattresses and pillows.

She noted a recent study by scientists from the Stanford University School of Medicine indicated that brain synapses slow down during slumber, allowing the organ to restore itself.

According to Ms Sanderson, it is important to get good sleep for the body and soul, with a number of products potentially helping people to achieve this, including bedding linens with ingredients such as sea algae, aloe vera and soy protein.

In addition, she pointed to natural materials being used in mattresses, such as lavender essential oil, chitin, corn fibre, bamboo and organic cotton to aid rest.

Bensons for Beds stocks memory foam mattresses, some of which come in fabrics that are specially designed to help regulate body temperature while people are sleeping.

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