4 Easy Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Want to update your bedroom without splashing out on expensive new pieces or redecorating? We’ve teamed up with four style bloggers to show you how to create some popular bedroom décor looks without breaking the bank…

1. Shop your house

Pastel bedroom decor | Bensons for Beds

More often than not, you’ll already have items around the home that you can use for bedroom styling, as Rachel at The Ordinary Lovely explains: “Got a piece of furniture gathering dust and not being used or loved as it should? Upcycle it! To help create the pastel scheme I was after in my bedroom, I transformed an old side table and basket with pale lilac furniture paint.”

2. Use split levels for more storage

Scandi bedroom style | Bensons for Beds

A great alternative to a chunky chest, “an old bench at the end of your bed provides the perfect spot to keep books, plants and spare blankets and leaves space underneath for more storage. Try a local charity shop or online vintage store to find yours – the beautiful wood adds warmth and a Scandi feel to your space”, says Niki from My Scandinavian Home.

3. Hook a look

Vintage floral bedroom | Bensons for Beds

Perfect for quickly updating your bedroom, wall hangings can be switched up whenever you like. “I have lots of hooks in my bedroom to avoid the dreaded ‘wardrobe chair’ and keep one set clear to play with different style ideas,” says Katy at Apartment Apothecary. “Here I’ve hung an illustration from a vintage book, a pretty printed dressing gown and cut flowers in a jar.”

4. Unleash your inner artist

Grey and green bedroom | Bensons for Beds

Get creative and use a splattered paint effect to bring a plain surface to life. “A little ceramic pot can be used for anything – for porridge, plants or to keep your jewellery in – and is small and cheap enough to experiment with. The Jackson Pollock look is a great way to use up leftover paint from redecorating.” Tip from Jenny at Seasons in Colour.


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