Bedroom furniture ‘can affect the mind of its owner’

Bedroom furniture can affect the mind of its owner

Bedroom furniture can affect the mind of its owner

Choosing the right bedroom furniture is a particularly important decision as the aesthetic decided upon can affect the mind of the owner, it has been suggested.

An article on Bedroom Blog noted a person’s mindset can be influenced by the decor they opt for and – because sleeping quarters are not often viewed by visitors – it has to be considered part of the homeowner’s private life.

The post observed: “Bedroom furniture typically uses cool colours which add to the cosiness of the room. Even the lighting in bedrooms is mostly kept dim to create an ambient atmosphere.”

People will most likely be looking forward to retreating to their own mattresses at the end of a long working day, so bedroom furniture needs to be accessible, the source added.

In a recent piece for the Suffolk Times, Lee Peters pointed out those without a comfortable bed can be more likely to become irritable and moody.

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