Bedroom furniture ‘can be complemented by stylish accessories’

Allure Range

Allure Range

Bedroom furniture owners have been assured they can make the most of their sleeping quarters by making a number of low-cost additions to spaces.

Helen Green, author of the blog on, said a low budget is no obstacle to a great look in comfortable parts of the home.

Indeed, she suggested many people may already have items lying around that can significantly upgrade an appearance.

For example, introducing a vase – perhaps on top of bedroom furniture – is a stylish move, while stacking hardback books to form a makeshift table can be a good idea.

“Change the look of your room with an area rug that contrasts your furnishings. If you have neutral furnishings, consider a brightly coloured or patterned area rug,” Ms Green explained.

Last week, the same writer urged people to organise a walkway through their bedroom furniture as this can help to maximise the available space within a room

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