Bedroom furniture ‘not the only factor in quality sleep venue’

Casa Range

Casa Range

Britons have been reminded that they must look further than their bedroom furniture if they are to create a relaxing and beautiful place to enjoy high-quality sleep.

Master Sarah McAllister, director of Feng Shui Agency and School of Chue Feng Shui, said people should consider the quality of the air and layout of a space.

She noted problems related to the temperature and standard of air within a bedroom can be particularly serious in urban areas.

“The air quality of a room is very important, particularly in cities where people don’t want to open windows due to noise levels et cetera. Consequently the room can become very stuffy,” stated Ms McAllister.

Another of the expert’s tips was to remove any beams or cupboards that are higher than the bed, as these will only serve to make the occupant feel enclosed.

Recent research by the Economic and Social Research Council found ten per cent of people take medication in order to get to sleep at least three times a week.

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