Bedroom Storage Solutions: the first step to create a relaxing and stress-free sleep sanctuary  

Ridding your bedroom of clutter is absolutely essential for a good night’s sleep. Your bedroom should be your sleep sanctuary – a place to get away from the world, dissolve your mind of stress and promote healthy sleep.  

The effect of a cluttered room  

A cluttered room will have the opposite effect. You may feel like you’re accustomed to it, but it will likely register in your subconscious mind as another job to do and potentially increase your stress levels right before bed. Even if you’re not aware of it, your mind may struggle to relax and switch off.  

So, whether you’re moving to a new house or simply refreshing your existing room, clearing the clutter and finding the right bedroom storage solutions should always be your first step to a stress-free sleep haven.  

Here’s our pick of the best furniture to get you thinking of your ideal bedroom storage ideas.  

Ottoman Boxes multi-functional bedroom furniture  

An ottoman box is a stylish and multi-functional piece of bedroom furniture. An upholstered choice like our Bespoke Regent Upholstered Ottoman Box or our Bespoke Accent Upholstered Ottoman Box is great for extra seating in your bedroom as well as storing essentials like bed linen or clothes.  

Our Henley 2 Draw Ottoman Box is a functional and practical bedroom storage solution that adds a contemporary twist to classic styling – perfect for your master bedroom.  

Underbed storage – clearing your clutter out of site  

Often the space under the bed is either under used or just becomes a dumping ground for anything and everything. It’s also sometimes impossible to access if you actually need to get items you put under there.  

Underbed storage that can simply slide in, like our Mirabel 2 draw underbed storage is a practical and simple solution. It’s available in a choice of finishes to match to your bed and existing décor and being split into two drawers ensures you can keep everything in order and will know exactly where it is at a moment’s notice.  

Wardrobes & Chest of Drawerspicking storage to match your décor  

Choosing the right wardrobe will not only ensure you have adequate storage for your clothes, it can also enhance the look of your room. The same with a chest of drawers. Just check the dimensions of your bedroom and make sure you have the space. You don’t want to make it feel to small due to your furniture choices.  

You can achieve contemporary styling with our Bergen 3 Door Sliding Wardrobe with Mirrored Doors, or our Malta 3-Door Hinged Wardrobe with 1 Mirror. Chest of drawer options like our Seattle 1 Door + 5 Drawer Chest and our Sicily 4 Drawer Chest will neatly fit with a contemporary room too.  

Remember opting for a wardrobe with mirrored doors is not only ideal when you’re getting ready, it will also reflect the light and open up the room making it appear bigger.  

Our Verona 3 Door Wardrobe, combined with choices like our Wild Coast 7 Drawer Wide Chest, and our Malta 5 Drawer Chest will be the perfect fit for a classic country feel.  

 Think simple storage solutions and a clutter free environment for the perfect place to sleep.  

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