Being sociable linked to sleep problems

Being sociable linked to sleep problems

Being sociable linked to sleep problems

Individuals who regularly socialise are more likely to suffer from sleep problems than those who do not.

This is according to scientists from the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Maryland, who claim sociable people are more likely to suffer from sleep deprivation.

Experts from the facility’s Center for Military Psychiatry and Neuroscience found that extroverts operating in socially enriched environments were more likely to struggle with rest than outgoing individuals in socially impoverished surroundings.

The study of 48 participants indicates those who enjoy socialising are at a greater risk of sleep deprivation than their more reserved counterparts, who were unlikely to let either environment interfere with their slumber.

Writing in the journal Sleep, the specialists concluded: “The present results might also be interpreted more generally to suggest that waking experiences, along with their interaction with individual characteristics, influence vulnerability to subsequent sleep loss.”

Elsewhere, a Canadian report recently warned that more than one in four people in the country could be at risk of sleep apnoea, leading them to experience disturbed rest on mattresses.

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