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Most parents with newborn children and toddlers are always wishing for the gift of a good night’s sleep. Ensuring your little ones sleep soundly can help give you peace of mind, which is why we’ve put together these expert tips.

Top baby sleeping tips

If you want to ensure your baby has the most comfortable night’s sleep possible, then it helps to have a mattress that can support them. Buying the right mattress for your baby doesn’t have to be difficult, but you should consider the following advice:

Check the size of the mattress and cot 

There should be a snug fit between both, with no more than a 3cm gap around the edge of the mattress and the sides of the cot. This will prevent little arms and legs getting trapped during the night. Whilst cots are best for newborn babies and your baby’s first years, cot beds are best used from birth through to early toddler stages, as a slightly bigger option.

Buy a supportive mattress

Support is one of the most important factors when choosing a cot mattress – a baby’s spine grows by around 50% in their first year, so it’s important to buy a high quality supportive mattress. Not only is sleep essential for a baby’s brain development, it is also key for physical development.

A waterproof mattress makes a big difference 

With comfort front of mind, a mattress which provides several benefits, such as eliminating unwanted allergens and bacteria, is crucial. As little accidents happen through the night, you can look at mattresses which offer waterproof sides and permeable fabric to allow moisture to be carried away and fresh air to reach your baby’s skin.

Is a foam or coil mattress better for a baby?

Your baby is going to spend much of their newborn life on a mattress, so the best thing you can do is to buy them a good quality one that will last them for years. But how do you choose? Should you buy a coil mattress or a foam one? Below, we have outlined some examples to help you make your decision.


Pure Comfort Open Coil Support Mattress

Give your baby the perfect amount of support with the Pure Comfort Open Coil Support Mattress. Complete with durable supportive springs that target your baby’s back, neck and head, your baby can rest comfortably at night. The mattress also features a waterproof side to stop spills soaking through to the core, allowing for easy cleaning.

Cot mattress (60 x 120cm) – £65.00

Cot bed mattress (70cm x 140cm) – £75.00

Pure Comfort Open Coil Luxury Mattress

With quality and luxury at front of mind, the Pure Comfort Open Coil Luxury Mattress will help give your little one the sweetest of dreams. Featuring exclusive Actipro pro-biotic fabric technology that eliminates unwanted allergens, reduces bacteria and unpleasant odours, the mattress gives you peace of mind that your baby is sleeping in a safe and gentle environment.

What’s more, the mattress uses fully permeable Coolplus fabric that allows moisture from your baby’s body to be carried away and fresh air to reach their skin. Complete with a washable, removable cover, it also makes for easier cleaning after each sleep.

Cot mattress (60 x 120cm) – £95.00

Cot bed mattress (70cm x 140cm) – £105.00

Pure Comfort Micro Pocket Premium

With the ultimate in responsive support and comfort technology, this mattress puts true meaning to the phrase ‘sleeping like a baby’. Made with individual pocket springs, the mattress gives superior support to your baby’s back, neck and head, to ensure their spine is perfectly aligned for a gloriously peaceful night’s sleep.

In addition to a washable, removable cover, the mattress also features Bensons’ exclusive Actipro pro-biotic fabric technology and Coolplus fabric, so your baby can slowly drift into their most comfortable sleep yet – away from allergens and other nasties, with plenty of breathing space.

Cot mattress (60 x 120cm) – £125.00

Cot bed mattress (70cm x 140cm) – £135.00

Simply Foam Waterproof Mattress

The Simply Foam Waterproof Mattress is a high quality, great value mattress solution for both newborn babies and those in their very first years. Complete with a waterproof, easy clean wipeable cover, parents will no longer have to worry about stains and spillages soaking through. The mattress also features a high-quality foam filling, allowing your baby to have plenty of support and comfort at night.

Cot mattress (60 x 120cm) – £45.00

Cot bed mattress (70cm x 140cm) – £55.00

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