Bensons for Beds Press Day – Showcasing our new trend-led styles  

On Wednesday 13th June we showcased a selection of our new trend-led products to the press, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!  

We’re expanding our product lines this year with an extensive new line of beds and bedroom furniture. We’re talking eclectic colours, 100% recycled materials and bold, bespoke statement pieces, to unique and advanced technology.  

We’re catering for all your bedroom needs. And all our new products are inspired by only the best new trends.  

Our trend inspiration for 2018  

These are the trends that have inspired our new products for 2018.  

Modern Retro Trend  

To get this look, all you need to do is mix eclectic colours with dramatic dark walls and wall paper.  

You’ll find all our products inspired by a modern retro feel, online in September 2018. We can’t wait!  

Summer Apricot Orange Trend  

This is all about mixing soft orange tinted hues with dark accents to create the ultimate summer bedroom style.  

Our exquisite Bespoke collection is perfect to achieve this look as it offers a vast range of customisable beds and furnishings, in 18 different fabrics and colours.  

We’ve also got some new products dropping this month to complete the Summer Apricot Orange Trend in your bedroom.  

Spring Florals Trend  

This trend is all about a modern take on florals. To achieve it you’ll need to pair furniture with soft pretty bed lined and curtains.  

Our new and exclusive Pegasus iGel bed is perfect to achieve the spring florals trend in your bedroom, while also helping to regulate your temperature. It uses specific technology that warms you up when you get too cold and cools you down when you get too hot – so you can sleep soundly and stay comfortable throughout the night.  

The iGel Support Beads concentrate together in the mattress under pressure, to provide targeted relief where your body needs it most. Available in four different styles, the iGel mattress and bed comes as a Pegasus, Libra, Orion, and Aries set. 

It’s available now exclusively from Bensons for Beds.  

WabiSabi Trend  

To achieve this traditional Japanese look it’s about combing earthy, rustic accessories into a calming space with partial brick walls. That’s the ultimate wabi-sabi feel.  

Our new Jackson Bedframe will be arriving in September. The earthy, wooden tone – along with the matching bedside table ticks all your wabi-sabi boxes.  

We’ll be updating you here when all these new fantastic trend-led products are available.  

Bensons for Beds

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