Breastfeeding ‘does not contribute to lack of sleep’

Breastfeeding 'does not contribute to lack of sleep'

Breastfeeding ‘does not contribute to lack of sleep’

Scientists have discovered that breastfeeding does not appear to lead to more broken sleep for new mothers.

Researchers from West Virginia University in Morgantown in the US conducted a series of tests on 80 women to determine whether those nursing new babies managed to get less sleep than those parents using formula.

They concluded that those mothers using a combination of breast milk and formula also seemed to get similar amounts of sleep to the other two groups, HealthDay News reports.

Writing in the journal Pediatrics, the experts suggested that the study should help to allay fears that women who choose breastfeeding get less rest at night, particularly as the perception of sleep quality was not affected based on feeding choices.

“It may be that breast-feeding moms are just staying in the dark and are able to get back to sleep faster,” assistant professor of psychology and co-ordinator of the university’s behavioural neuroscience programme Hawley Montgomery-Downs stated.

Elsewhere, a study by researchers from the University of York and Harvard Medical School recently revealed that sleep enhances both the recall of learned information and the way in which the brain organises it.

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