British ‘cutting corners when buying beds’

British 'cutting corners when buying beds'

Many Britons are skimping on expenditure when it comes to buying a bed, according to new research.

This is despite the survey by the Sleep Council finding that 45 per cent of employees would be prepared to pay to spend a whole day lounging on bedroom furniture.

However, the poll revealed that 47 per cent of respondents had paid between £151 and £300 last time they purchased mattresses.

Commenting on the findings, the Sleep Council’s Jessica Alexander said: “Given how much time people spend in bed – a good third of their lives – it’s incredible that people don’t spend more to buy something really luxurious and ultra comfortable.”

She pointed out that Britons are prepared to pay more for an iPad than to have a restorative night’s sleep, with a £1,000 mattress working out at 34p per night during the course of eight years of use.

According to the Sleep Council, a 1988 study by Dr Chris Idzikowski discovered that an average of 42 minutes additional sleep per night could be secured by exchanging uncomfortable bed frames and mattresses for better quality versions.

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