Are bunk beds safe for your children?

Kids love bunk beds as they’re fun to sleep in and are great for sleepovers, whereas we love them as they’re a convenient way to make the most of the space in for smaller bedrooms. But are bunk beds safe for children to sleep in? The answer is yes absolutely, if you buy the bed from a reputable company and it has gone through the necessary safety checks, there is no reason why it should be unsafe for your child.

What are bunk bed safety checks?

All bunk beds that are sold in the UK must conform to the current safety regulations (British Safety Standard number BS EN 747:1993):

-The mattress should fit the bed securely and should have slats underneath that sit no further than 7.5cm apart from each other

-The upper bunk should have guardrails on both sides, and the gap atop of the ladder should be 300mm

-All rails should be at least 16cm taller than the mattress

-The bunk bed should be solidly constructed, and should not have any sharp edges

To check if your bunk bed complies with this ruling, simply measure the structure to see if it falls within these measurements. If it does, then your bunk bed should comply.

How can I ensure my children stay safe on a bunk bed?

Even if your bunk bed has passed the necessary legal safety requirements, there are some things you can do to minimise risk:

-Follow the assembly instructions down to a tee. Don’t cut corners when assembling the bunk bed, as this could result in it not being structurally sound and could be dangerous for your children to sleep on.

-Do not allow children under the age of six to use the top bunk.

-Remember, it’s a bunk bed, not a climbing frame. The only part of a bunk bed that’s meant to be climbed on is the ladder, so it’s important to set ground rules with your children to help avoid any mishaps.

-Only let one child on the top bunk at once. Bunk beds are designed for sleeping and not for playing, so it’s important to let your children know it’s one at a time.

-Don’t hang anything off the bunkbed. This includes clothes and bedding as it could be dangerous.

-Consider placing a rug under the bunk bed if the room isn’t carpeted. In the unlikely event that your child falls from their bunk bed, this could reduce the chance of serious injury.

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