Can separate beds mean better sex?

Can separate beds mean better sex?Snoring and grinding teeth are driving more and more couples apart – but many claim there’s an unexpected upside.

Bedtime should be a blissful part of any happy couple’s day — the point at which they close the door on the world, cosy up together in a welcome moment of intimacy, then drift off into a solid night’s sleep.

That’s the idealistic notion of how it goes, at least. In reality, sleeping together is more often a hot-bed of bad tempers, mismatched body clocks and seething resentments.

One of you likes the bedroom cold, the other prefers it hot. One of you snores like a bear, the other grinds their teeth. One of you is a night owl, the other an early bird. The list of potential battlegrounds seems to be endless.

Small wonder that an increasing number of couples are choosing to sleep in separate beds — and often in separate rooms. Their marriages are happy and their sex life very much on track: it’s just that they’ve realised the best way to a good night’s sleep is not to share the mattress and duvet with their spouse.

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