Children ‘climbing into parents beds’

Children 'climbing into parents beds'

Children ‘climbing into parents beds’

Parents are letting their offspring clamber in with them at night, new research shows.

Many children’s beds are lying empty as a result of mums and dads choosing to let them join them on their mattresses, the poll by indicates.

According to the survey, 34 per cent of parents questioned admitted to always allowing their kids under their duvets when they want to sleep with them.

In addition, one in ten said that children were permitted to stay up later than their bedtimes if they were struggling to nod off.

A total of three per cent of adults said they allowed kids into their beds because they felt lonely, with other reasons including offspring having nightmares or feeling upset.

However, parent expert at MyVoucherCodes Andy Cole cautioned against letting young people leave children’s beds because adults are lonely, saying “that will just encourage them to keep doing so”.

According to the NHS, Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic advises that youngsters up to four years old need night and daytime rest, while those over this age require 11.5 hours per night, falling steadily to ten hours by the time they reach nine.

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