Children ‘need different amounts of sleep’

Adults should adapt children's bedtime routines to suit their level of tiredness, according to one writer.

Adults should adapt children’s bedtime routines to suit their level of tiredness, according to one writer.

Parents have been advised to look at the individual needs of their children when trying to decide how much time they should spend in bed.

Marla Nawrocki wrote in an article for Modesto Bee that children aged between six and 12 years old should have approximately ten or 11 hours of rest each night.

However, this is merely a guideline and some youngsters could need more or less slumber.

Ms Nawrocki stressed the importance of getting enough shut-eye, stating: “Never underestimate the power of sleep. Many children have trouble concentrating in school because they aren’t getting enough sleep.”

Reading in bed is alright, provided kids do so before their allotted sleep time and do not start getting ready for bed when they should in fact already be asleep, she added.

The writer went on to encourage adults to get older children to bed for eight or nine hours of slumber if they are between 13 and 18 years old.

Adjusting a teenager’s sleep routine could take as long as three weeks, Dr Mac Anderson, medical director of the sleep disorder centre at Tampa General Hospital, recently explained in an interview with the Tampa Tribune.

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