Children ‘suffer without good sleep’

Children 'suffer without good sleep'

Children ‘suffer without good sleep’

Kids who are not spending long enough in children’s beds can suffer from a range of problems.

This is the assertion made by a professor of child development in the US, who claims she has found that serious consequences can result from insufficient sleep.

Psychologist Mona El-Sheikh stated kids who are not getting enough slumber “do not concentrate as well or perform well on tasks that are complex”, adding other effects can include becoming “depressed, sick or obese”.

“Sleep is very important for brain development and also for emotional regulation,” she explained, noting that lack of shut eye can be magnified by poverty, which causes acute stress in children.

Professor El-Sheikh received assistance from the National Science Foundation to study thousands of kids through her work into sleep deprivation at Auburn University, finding that many youngsters are not getting the recommended levels per night.

According to the NHS, offspring should be spending 11.5 hours in children’s beds from four years old, falling steadily to 8.5 hours by age 16.

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