Chloe Madeley reveals why sleep is so important to fitness

As a personal trainer and Instagram fitness star, Chloe Madeley, 29, has built a career out of looking ripped and toned. This self-confessed gym fanatic is always interested in finding ways to boost her performance – and says that sleep is already an important part of her regime.

Chloe told us, “Normally I get up at 8am and go to bed at 11pm. The routine is important and if I’m stressed my sleeping patterns are interrupted, so I try really hard to stay on top of a good solid pattern of sleeping.”

When we told Chloe we were challenging a group of athletes to find out how sleep could impact their strength, speed and endurance, she jumped at the chance to take part.

Our sleep test begins…

We asked Dancing On Ice star Chloe, along with members of the Durham University Rugby Team, to limit their sleep to seven hours per night for a week.

Then, with the help of sleep expert Dr Guy Meadows and fitness trainers Celia and Faya, we tested our athletes’ reaction times, strength, pain, speed and endurance.

The following week, we asked Chloe and the rugby players to sleep for nine hours a night and repeated our tests. The results were remarkable…

Bensons for beds | Durham University Rugby Team


Chloe Madeley’s amazing sleep results revealed

After a week of nine hours’ sleep, Chloe had increased her pain resistance by a whopping 357%, when compared to her results after the week of seven hours’ shut-eye. Her reaction time, strength, speed and endurance all increased, too.

How did our rugby players get on?

The rest of the athletes saw similar trends. On average, they had 27% higher pain resistance after a week of nine hours’ sleep each night. Speed, reaction times and strength also all increased when our participants got more shut-eye.

Bensons for Beds | How sleep can impact sport performance

What else did we find?

And it’s not just sporting performance that took a hit on seven hours’ sleep. After increasing their sleep, participants had 52% more energy and 25% more self-confidence, on average.

As Chloe reveals, “On the days during the test that I’ve had to limit the numbers of hours I sleep I’ve definitely felt more tired and irritable and my skin has broken out.”




How to improve your performance

Our results highlight the importance of sleep, when it comes to performing at your best. But with almost half of the UK running on six hours’ sleep or less every night it’s likely that many of us aren’t fulfilling our sport potential.

While eight hours is the standard recommended amount of sleep, optimal sleep levels for athletes are often higher, at around nine or even ten hours each night.

As Chloe says, “Everybody is different, health and fitness is subjective across the board, but sleep is pivotal and you should try to get as much of it every night as you can. It’s as important as diet, exercise, and water – those are the four things you really need to get right if you want to get healthy.”

So whether you’d like some more energy to get to the gym in the morning or just want to feel at your physical best – try to fit in a little extra sleep time.

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