Comfort in Silentnight bed ‘can help other areas of life’

Comfort in Silentnight bed 'can help other areas of life'

Comfort in Silentnight bed ‘can help other areas of life’

People who ensure they get great sleep in their Silentnight bed every evening may be in pole position when it comes to succeeding in other aspects of everyday life.

Amy Corderoy, writing for the Sydney Morning Herald, said many individuals choose to sacrifice rest in order to work more hours or spend extra time with friends.

But this is a bad move and will result in a loss of performance and an unbalanced existence that rarely runs smoothly.

She noted a growing amount of research now indicates sleeping well in a bed each night is the key to positive outcomes in various areas, such as work and school.

Ms Corderoy also suggested failing to get the right amount of shut-eye can cause problems with obesity and mental health.

Madeleine Bailey, writing for the Daily Mirror, recently urged people to take action as soon as possible should they be battling any sleep demons.

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