Common dreams and their meanings!

Ever woke up from a dream and said to yourself, “what the heck was all that about?” It happens to us here at Bensons for Beds HQ all the time – pink dancing frogs, having a chat with Nelson Mandela in an igloo and drowning in a sea of yellow polka dot dresses, you know what we’re on about, don’t you?

Well, we wanted answers and went looking for the meanings behind some of the most common dreams people have. And what did we come up? Take a look below and find out.

Flying dreams are known as lucid dreams (the type where you know you’re dreaming but you remain asleep). Obviously it’s an impossible act so when you dream you can do it, it’s always a thrilling and liberating experience.

Flying reflects your own personal sense of control. If you love flying in your dream and you can do it with ease, then it means that you’re likely on top of everything going on in your life. Plus, if you’re flying above objects in your dream then it can signify that you’ve gained a new perspective on something.

A lack of control when in flight infers that you’re not in control of your circumstances and you may be struggling to achieve your goals. If you encounter obstacles during your flight such as trees or mountains then these may be representing obstacles in your life. Difficulty flying can also symbolise a lack of confidence in a particular area. If you can identify what that is, you need to take a leap of faith and tackle it head on.

Finally, if you’re frightened about the heights you’re reaching when flying, then you may be afraid of the challenges you’re currently facing and not ready to take them on.

Being chased
Ever had a dream where you’re running for your life, but your legs just won’t move fast enough to get away? It’s a terrifying scenario that most of us have experienced at some point when sleeping. But what does it mean?

Chase dreams always insinuate the same thing; the dreamer is experiencing feelings of anxiety in their everyday life. A fleeing scenario is an instinctive response to a physical threat in your environment. It’s likely that at some point in your life you’ve experienced a dream of being chased by an animal, unknown figure or even a monster. Instead of confronting the situation, you run or hide, which reflects wit how you’re dealing with the same problem in the real world. Be honest with yourself about what it is that’s really chasing you and you’ll gain a better understanding of what your fears are.

Teeth falling out
Dreams featuring teeth falling out of your mouth or crumbling in your hands are horrific and will stay with you long after you wake up. But what do they mean and why do so many people encounter them?

A popular suggestion is that dreams about your teeth reflect your insecurities about your appearance and what others think of you. The reason the teeth are focused on is because they’re an important aspect of your appearance, especially when flirting i.e. smiling and kissing.

Another idea as to why people have bad teeth dreams is that they symbolise fears of being embarrassed or making a fool of themselves. These fears often stem from your anxieties about upcoming events in your life that you don’t feel prepared for. Just remember, that most your fears are likely to be unfounded, do that and you’re likely to stop having these dreams.

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