Concerns raised over children’s bedroom paint

Concerns raised over children's bedroom paint

Fumes emitted by some kinds of paint used in bedrooms could affect children, a new study indicates.

Specialists from Sweden’s Karlstad University discovered kids have a considerably higher risk of developing allergies if they are exposed to certain chemicals when sleeping.

According to the scientists, young people are as much as 180 per cent more in danger of their bodies reacting to substances if chemicals known as PGEs are found in their bedrooms.

These could include some products such as water-based wall paints and cleansers, which may leach into the air and be breathed in by children, raising the threat of them developing conditions such as rhinitis, eczema and asthma.

Leader of the study Carl-Gustaf Bornehag stated: “A higher concentration of PGEs in indoor air was found to be associated with children evincing antibodies against allergens such as cats, dogs, pollen.”

Those doing up their offspring’s rooms and investing in children’s beds may like to consider the kind of paint they are using in light of the research.

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