How to create a winter-ready bedroom

With winter comes colder weather, shorter days and longer nights, meaning a lot of us will spending more time indoors or in our bedrooms. But it doesn’t have to be gloomy, winter is also the perfect time to transform your bedroom into cosy sleep sanctuary. Here’s some tips to help transform your bedroom for winter:

Light some scented candles

Lighting a scented candle not only helps create an element of festivity but it can also help you sleep. Certain fragrances like bergamot and frankincense are known to slow down the transmission of chemicals like serotonin and dopamine in the brain when inhaled, helping you unwind and relax.  So, if you’re looking to hibernate this winter, lighting some scented candles are a simple and effective way of helping induce some deep sleep!

Invest in new bedding

Keep out winter chills by investing in a new duvet. This Premium Just Like Down Duvet is made from 100% cotton and comes with non-allergenic fillings, ensuring comfort without the weight or irritation of a feathered duvet. At 13.5 togs, this delightful duvet is guaranteed to keep you warm throughout the winter months.

Alternatively, investing in a mattress protector or topper adds an extra element of comfort and helps keep the cold out. This Perfect Partner Mattress Protector from iGel is made from 100% Tencel and helps regulate your body temperature, ensuring you stay warm, while preventing the build up of dust mites and bed bugs.

If you prefer something more natural, the Natural Wool Mattress Enhancer has been designed to help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Add comfort

 Another good way of adding an extra element of comfort is by investing in more cushions and throws. Mix and match a range of colours and textures for that cosy, snug feeling.

Shine a light

 Let there be light. British winters are extremely dark meaning many of us will be getting dressed or undressed in the dark. Help beat the winter blues by introducing new sources of light, whether it be lamps or fairy lights. Fairy lights are particularly effective as they can be dangled over furniture like mirrors, bookcases and cupboards. Simply switch on and admire the twinkle of fairy lights as you wind down for the night.

Have you got any tips for winter-fying your bedroom? Let us know in the comments below.


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