DIY Date Night: How to Transform Your Home

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Come 14th February, cards and chocolates will be flying off the shelves, as couples flock to busy bars and restaurants to toast an evening to their love for each other.

It can be easily to keep up the same routine, but have you considered the best place to share date night might lie a little closer to home? This year, say goodbye to the three-course set menu and take Valentine’s Day into your own hands, when you transform your home into the perfect date night restaurant.

Here are our top tips to help you set the mood for a romantic evening-in together.

Get the lighting right

Be honest, can you ever truly relax and unwind when you’re bathed in stark, white light? Set the atmosphere by turning the brightness down, switching to any lamps you might have. Innovative new lighting solutions such as the Mylight Bed Light can add a gentle glow beneath your favourite items of furniture, helping ramp up the ambience.

And it might be a bit of cliché, but you simply can’t beat candlelight for a romantic aura. If you don’t already have any, pick up a couple of large pillar candles to set at the table, or beside the fireplace.

Get comfy

One thing staying home truly has over eating out? No need to dress up, no need to follow etiquette – you can kick back and get as comfy as you like. Once you’re done eating, why not lay out your quilts, cushions and duvets on the lounge floor while you watch a movie? Our Premium Just Like Down Duvet should have you both tucked up in comfort, with its luxurious yet no-allergenic filing.

Of course, with a TV bed you don’t even need to set up a snug downstairs; just dim the lights, lift the TV using the remote, hop in and get comfy! You could even set up some treats on each bedside table.

Think up a theme

If you’re really looking to go all-out and surprise your special someone this year, why not throw your efforts into a themed evening? Is there a place that’s special to you both? Say you took your first holiday together – or honeymooned – in Italy, recreate the magic through an Italian-themed evening; with an all-Italian menu and playful decorations. You can substitute this for just about any location that has a special place in both your hearts.

Buy a board game

When you’re at home, it’s incredibly easy to get stuck in your phone screens all evening, or to let the night pass in silence as you Netflix-binge your favourite shows. On the other hand, sometimes the oldest ways really are the best.

To get you both talking and enjoying some quality time together, a board game is an excellent shout. You could opt for classics like Monopoly or Scrabble, or choose from the great range of modern board games you’ll find in store and online. Many have been designed with couples in mind.

Do dinner differently

If you’re going to eat at home together, try not to just fall into your usual routine. If one of you usually cooks, perhaps the other could get involved, or have a go themselves? If you’re used to cooking up elaborate meals together, perhaps you treat yourselves to a rare takeaway – or vice-versa if delivery food is near-enough the norm.

With these DIY date night ideas, and a comfortable night’s sleep courtesy of the nation’s favourite bed specialist, let Bensons for Beds help get Valentine’s Day just right this year.

Bensons for Beds

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