How to dress a bed for maximum effect

Your bed is so important. Choose the right mattress and you’ll sleep soundly. Keep everything clean and you’ll look forward to sliding between the sheets. Get the right duvet for the season and you’ll be cool in summer and snug in winter.

But it’s not just about the practical purpose of your bed. It’s also about how it looks and how it works with the rest of the décor in your room. If you’re wondering how to dress a bed for maximum effect, we’ve got a selection of your most frequently asked questions. 

How can I quickly update my bed for winter?

A bedspread is a great way to quickly update and dress your bed for winter. It will provide added warmth on those cold winter nights and it can really add a strong colour element to enhance the focal point of your room. The following colours are ideal:

  • Rich burgundy
  • Warming terracotta
  • Deep purple
  • Vibrant yellow

How many cushions should I use to dress my bed? 

Cushions can instantly add texture and style to your bed, but how many is too many? You can’t go wrong with three, but you can go wrong with more than five. Try and keep it to an odd number, so you can display them in a non-uniform arrangement and opt for contrasting colours and textures. Remember, you want the cushions to create a touch of intrigue to your bedroom interior as well as appear inviting. 

What materials should I choose for my bedding?

The best materials for bedding will feel luxurious to the touch but will also help regulate your temperature during the different seasons.

  • Silk is soft and light, will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter and is hypoallergenic making it ideal for sensitive skin
  • Egyptian cotton is also a good choice for sensitive skin and is a resilient fabric meaning it is perfect for bedding that you use regularly
  • Brushed cotton is soft and comfortable as well as lightweight and breathable
  • Polycotton requires minimal ironing and is a comfortable option
  • Linen is extremely durable, will regulate your temperature and offers a real natural luxury

What type of pillowcase should I choose?

 It’s really up to you and how you want to style your bed. The main options you have are either:

  • An Oxford Pillowcase – this has a fabric border around the edge
  • A Housewife Pillowcase – with a sewn edge that fits snugly against the pillow

How do I choose the right colour theme for my bed? 

Colour can have a big impact on your mood. Consider the following:

  • Blue is thought to help you relax
  • Green is said to balance and soothe your mind
  • Deep orange and reds are supposed to reinvigorate and reenergise your body, mind and soul

Choosing the colour scheme for your bedroom is therefore key.

Remember your bed should be the focal point for the room and should draw the eye. You can set the tone for the room by opting for a specific colour for your bedding, or you can go for a neutral tone on your bed and build the colour in around it through your cushions, your walls and any accessories.

When should I style my bed with a throw?

A throw is a casual and relaxed way to style your bed. If you’re using a throw, don’t worry about folding it too neatly, simply drape it casually over the end of your bed. It’s a great way to quickly change up your colour scheme of your bedroom and bring an element of texture to your bed.

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