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Family life moves fast. One day you’re moving in together, then your first baby comes along. Just when things settle down, the kids decide to fly the nest, leaving you pondering what to do with their bedrooms.

Luckily, Bensons for Beds’ senior visual merchandiser Jess Rotherforth is on hand with styling tips to help your bedrooms adapt to your changing circumstances, no matter how many family firsts you can throw at them.

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Your first new bedroom together

Your first new bedroom together | Bensons for Beds blog

Moving in with your other half for the first time can be exciting and daunting – here’s how to make it work. For both of you!

1. Focus on storage

Chances are your first bedroom won’t be a palace and fitting in two sets of clothes will be a challenge. When you’re shopping for bedroom furniture, choose pieces with ample storage space. Ottoman beds are great, as are storage boxes (which can go on top of a wardrobe, out the way) and bedside tables with drawers.

2. Compromise

You’ve probably both been used to having everything in your own bedrooms exactly as you like it, so it stands to reason there might be some things you disagree on. Choose a neutral décor scheme that you can add personality to with pops of accent colour, so neither of you need to suffer with shades you’re not keen on.

3. Be practical

You can never have enough bedroom mirrors, especially when there are two of you fighting over reflection space. The solution? Choose wardrobes with mirrored doors. Also, go for bedroom furniture in white gloss or a light colour as it’ll work well with different shades further down the line (should you want to change things up) and will also make your space feel bigger and lighter.

Your first baby’s bedroom

Your first baby's bedroom | Bensons for Beds blog

Expecting a new addition to your family? Congratulations! Here’s how to welcome your baby in style…

1. Go for unisex décor

If traditional pink and blue baby bedrooms aren’t your thing, don’t be afraid to go for something different. A grey or white bedroom, with pops of colour that you can easily change up, mean the bedroom décor will work in the future – if a younger brother or sister arrives to share the room, for example. Find some more advice on styling a unisex kid’s bedroom here.

2. Choose the right pieces

To save money and make sure your furniture lasts, plan ahead with pieces that work as your little one grows. A cot that converts into a bed is a great investment. And why you might not think they’ll have much to store away, you’d be surprised at the number of things a new baby accumulates. Buy pieces with plenty of storage now to avoid problems later on.

3. Make it a sleep haven

If you’re lucky, your baby will be doing plenty of sleeping in their new bedroom. Help them out by making sure the lighting is right for their sleep needs. Choose curtains that are thick enough to block out the sun for those daytime naps and long summer days, or go for thinner styles and blackout blinds so you can mix and match between the two. For more advice on how to make sure your new arrival gets all the sleep they need, check out our baby sleep guide.

Your first spare bedroom

Your first guest bedroom | Bensons for Beds blog

Kids flown the nest? It’s time to transform their bedroom into a multi-purpose, useful space. Here’s how…

1. Choose dual-purpose pieces

Rather than make the newly-vacated room a permanent guest bedroom, make it a space you can enjoy every day. If your kids still need a place to sleep when they do come home, trundle and day beds can be brought out then easily stowed away when not in use, or go for a sofa bed that you can use during the day as extra seating. Find out more about temporary bed options.

2. Go for clean and simple

Avoid the temptation to use your new space as a dumping area. Invest in some useful storage pieces so you can keep bedding and other bits tidy and out of sight. Repurpose your child’s wardrobe and chest of drawers by giving them a good clean and a lick of paint to freshen them up. Need to buy new furniture? Go for neutral pieces in simple shapes, so they will work with different décor styles and room uses in the future.

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment

If this is the first time you’ve had a spare room, chances are you might go through a few different ideas of what it’ll be most used for. Try various furniture layouts until you find one right for you, and don’t be afraid to bring in furniture from elsewhere in your home to test ideas out. For example, a coffee table would make a great addition to a sofa bed in the day, and provide some versatile surface space for your guests.

Need some bedroom styling inspiration? Here’s three ideas to get you started.

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