Festive Folding

With darker nights, frosty mornings and that unmistakable scent of pine in the air, the festive season is officially upon us. Amongst the carolling and Christmas shopping, we usually have a to-do list as long as our arm when it gets to December, and this time around is looking to be no different.

At the one time of year that we have to be hands-on with scissors, set with sticky tape and get to grips with the intricacies of tree stands and fairy lights, some things can become to feel like a chore. So to reignite the festive fun and kick start your Christmas decoration spirit, we asked three Mums for their favourite folding tips to help you to get your whole family involved and turn things that could have felt like a bore into a great activity for you all to enjoy together.

First, Sonia from Mummy Constant blog showed us how to make a ribbon bow that can be used in wrapping and decorating.

You’ll need:

A box to wrap
Wrapping paper
Florist ribbon


Begin with wrapping up your box in paper of your choice, making sure to fold the ends of the paper to get a smooth finish.


Using the ribbon, cut a piece that will fit around the box twice. Wrap it around the box, twist the ends and wrap around the other sides before tying it securely at the top.


To make the bow, start by rolling the ribbon around the width of your hand 15-20 times. Fold it in half, and cut off the corners at the centre fold end.


Tie a piece of string around the ribbon where the corners have been cut. One by one, pull out and twist each loop that you’ve created so that it sticks out to form your bow.
Attach your bow to the top of the box, in line with the tied ribbon. Use the string to secure it in place.


Next up, Emma from the blog Mummy Mummy Mum gave us some neat folding tricks to get your lunchtime napkins looking extra special.


You’ll need:

Pom poms to decorate (optional)


Begin by folding up each layer of the napkin with a gap between each, leaving you with a flat bottom and a corner at the top.


Flip the napkin over and fold each corner inwards, keeping the edges as neat as possible. Flip the napkin back over and you should be left with a Christmas tree shape.


Fold under the edges of each layer to complete your tree. Use a straw for the trunk of the tree and decorate as you wish.

If you have guests staying this Christmas then try this folding technique on towels or spare sheets to get your spare room feeling festive!

Finally, Victoria of the Owl and the Accordion showed us some extra special folded fan wheels that can be used to decorate your wall, tree, gifts and even bedrooms!


You’ll need:

Three sheets of 12” scrapbook paper
Three sheets of 6” scrapbook paper
A ruler
A pencil
Sharp scissors
Strong glue and a glue gun with glue sticks


First, place a sheet of the 12” paper on a flat surface, and measure one inch from the edge. Fold and press down firmly. Turn the paper over, and fold the edge back on itself, then repeat until you have a strip of paper that’s folded like a concertina.


Fold the strip of paper in half, and make a firm crease in the centre so you have a fan shape then squeeze a small strip of glue onto the inner edge of your fan, and press it against the other inner edge. Hold the two edges together until they’re firmly stuck.


Repeat for the other two pieces of scrapbook paper, and then glue all edges together so you have one large circle. Repeat the whole process for the smaller sheets of paper then, using the glue gun, attach the smaller circle to the centre of the larger one.

Attach string, twine or ribbon to the reverse and hang to make a beautiful hanging wall decoration.

If you’re looking for another way to use your new found origami skills, then use the same tips on your towels and sheets to make bedrooms special for Santa’s visit too!

Although we can’t detangle your string lights and we may not be there to hold the tape for those awkwardly sized presents, we hope that these fun festive folding tips will give you a hand this Christmas. If you try out these tips or you’ve got a traditional trick of your own, then we’d love to hear it – share them on our Facebook and Twitter page. Now, who needs their bed sheets folding?

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