Films we dare you to watch before bedtime!

Here at Bensons for Beds we’re all about getting a good night’s sleep… but that doesn’t mean we don’t occasionally like to scare ourselves senseless before bedtime! Scary movies are thrilling and for some reason they’re always scarier to watch right before you go to bed or (gulp) when you’re actually in bed. Here’s a few that kept some of us here at Bensons for Beds HQ awake for weeks… watch them if you dare!

A Nightmare on Elm Street
One, two, Freddie’s coming for you… Trust us, watch this movie and that’ll be ringing in your ears at bedtime. A burnt murdering psychopath with knives for fingers that kills you in your dreams… there’s no escaping Freddie Krueger who’ll remain in your head long after watching this nightmare of a movie!

Dawn of the Dead
So you wake up from a good night’s sleep, it’s first thing in the morning and there’s a zombie standing in your hallway… that’s how this heart racing gore fest begins and the tension never lets up from there!

Paranormal Activity

Where’s the scariest setting for a horror movie? An Indian burial ground? An alien planet? A secluded cabin? Or how about your bedroom at night? Paranormal Activity cleverly draws on all the harmless creaks and strange noises every home makes while you’re in bed and makes them into something much more sinister. Honestly, watch this movie and you’ll be sleeping with one eye open for a very long time!

The Grudge
As if settling in a foreign country isn’t hard enough… an American nurse living in Tokyo is exposed to a mysterious supernatural curse. The consequences: ghoulish ghosts following you everywhere before finally locking you into a powerful rage and killing you. Why’s it so scary? There really is no escaping this curse, one victim even hides in her bed to keep away from it… doesn’t work though, the ghost just… actually we won’t ruin it for you, let’s just say after you’ve seen this you’ll be looking under your duvet for weeks!

The Neverending Story
Okay, this may not be an 18-rated exercise in pure terror, but trust us, this film is not for the faint hearted. A talking killer wolf that hunts you to the end of the world… a swamp that devours horses… and whatever that giant white dog/dragon thingy is, we’re sticking to our guns, it’s petrifying!

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