How firm do I need my mattress?

The right mattress can help you sleep and relieve pressure on your back while you slumber. The wrong mattress can be detrimental to the quality of sleep you get and your body.

When making your choice, there are a variety of things you need to consider from mattress type, firmness and your sleeping position. Here we’ll guide you through how firm you need your mattress.

Things to think about when finding the right mattress firmness

How firm you need your mattress will depend on a couple of specific things, namely the position you sleep in and whether you suffer from any back pain. Your weight can also play its part too.

Analyse how you sleep, question whether you change positions a lot, and try and understand what your dominant sleeping position is. When it comes to back pain, you’ll know if this is an issue when you sleep.

The right mattress firmness for you

Soft mattress

Sleeping position? If you sleep on your side or you change positions occasionally during the night, you will be best suited to a soft mattress.

Why? By sleeping on your side, you are already relieving pressure from your spine, so you’ll require a mattress that moulds to the natural position of your body.

Medium Soft mattress

Sleeping position? A medium soft mattress will cater to you if you change your sleeping position regularly throughout the night.

Why? You still want something to mould to your body position, but you’ll need more support than from a soft mattress as you won’t be in the same position all night – your back may come under pressure occasionally throughout the night when you move around.

Medium Firm mattress

Sleeping position? If you spend most of the night sleeping on your back, then this will be the right choice of mattress firmness for you.

Why? Sleeping on your back will put pressure on your back, especially in lower areas. A medium firm mattress will give you this extra support for your lower back.

Firm mattress

Sleeping position? This one’s for you if you spend your nights sleeping on your front.

Why? When you sleep on your front, you need to keep your back in a position that is stable and comfortable. If you sleep on your front on a softer mattress you will sink too much into it which will put pressure on your back and cause lower back pain.

Find out what your sleeping position says about you in our Sleep Horoscope guide.

Different types of mattresses for back pain

You should consider a firmer mattress, like an iGel mattress, if you already suffer from back pain or weigh over 15 stone. Memory foam mattresses are also a great choice to cater for your back problems – they will mould to your body, absorb your weight and relieve any pressure on your joints.

You can view all of the mattresses available from Bensons for Beds and find the perfect choice for your sleeping position, weight and any existing back problems.

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