Firmness ‘is the key to a good mattress’

Firmness 'is the key to a good mattress'

Firmness ‘is the key to a good mattress’

People should choose carefully when purchasing a new mattress, it has been suggested.

According to, it is important individuals identify their personal sleeping style before selecting a mattress.

The website states firmness is key to finding the right type, as a bed should both offer ample support and provide a soothing effect.

Furthermore, it advises people to try out a new mattress in their night-time attire and their normal sleeping position, adding they should always choose the one they are most comfortable with.

“There’s no point in opting for a mattress which doesn’t provide you with sound sleep,” the news source remarks.

And health may be another issue Britons wish to consider before making a purchase, as Terry Fuller recently stated in a piece for blog King of Bop that finding the right mattress is important in alleviating back problems.

The writer noted the optimum amount of support and comfort are key things to look for

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