Why a clutter-free bedroom is good for your health

Here’s how to ditch the junk from your bedroom and get a better night’s sleep in the process

There are only upsides to clearing the clutter from your bedroom and making the most of clever storage solutions. A calm and well-ordered sleeping environment will not only look gorgeous, it will also help in your quest for eight hours of blissful shut-eye.

A lack of sleep can make us less productive, give us the grumps, fuel anxiety, accelerate the signs of ageing, and is generally not good for us. So, what are you waiting for? A spring clean is a complete no-brainer and better for your wellbeing, too.

Start with the basics

Now this is the hardest bit. Let go of what you don’t need. Make three piles: a ‘chuck/recycle/donate’ pile; a ‘this belongs in a different room pile’; and a ‘bedroom essentials’ pile. Ship out everything that doesn’t have a place in your new, tidy boudoir and make sure that everything that stays has a proper home.

Get creative

The next step is to ensure that your sleeping space remains a clutter-free calm zone. Is your bedroom lacking in storage, making it tricky to tidy away clothes, linen, towels and trinkets? Worry not. A divan or ottoman bed with built-in drawers or hidden storage space under the mattress is essential, especially if you don’t have a lot of room. If you have space to spare under your bed frame, make the most of it with under-bed storage – out of sight, but always at hand.

Curate your space

A storage bed is a clever investment, well done you – but don’t stop there. Bedside tables and drawers that complement each other will give your room a curated feel and will help to create a Zen mood. Choose furniture that provides the storage space you need to hide away the unsightly piles of bedtime reading, face lotions, potions and whatever else you might need. A clear room equals a clear, calm mind – and you’re another step closer to that peaceful night’s sleep.

Keep colours simple
A crazy colour scheme can make a room feel cluttered, too. When choosing new furniture and linens, opt for a coordinated and calm colour palette. Whites, washed greys and natural wood create a sense of serenity. Keep walls and the final trimmings fuss free, too. Think hygge rather than hectic.

Good night, sleep tight


Your new-look bedroom is simplified, everything is cleverly stored and tucked away, with a calming colour scheme to match. You have your perfect match mattress and clean fresh linen. Run a relaxing bath and then get straight to bed. The challenge will be never wanting to leave it.

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