Guest Beds: Sleepover Saviours

We’ve all been in that awkward situation where you have that last minute guest visiting.

Your guest may need somewhere to kip for the night, and other than the uncomfortable and cold leather sofa, there’s nowhere for them to sleep!

With our wide selection of guest beds to choose from, you can be the King or Queen of sleepovers. All you need is the perfect piece of furniture that’s comfy as well as stylish.

Before you head out to get one, here are some tips on choosing the best sofa bed for your home from our bed frames and Bedroom Furniture Buyer James Hollas:

He says: “Before buying a guest bed, you should consider how often you have guests spending the night. A smaller day bed, or sofa bed is perfect if you only have guests occasionally, as both can be multi-functional.

The Cameo Sofa Bed(£299.99) at Bensons is ideal for smaller set-ups, coming in four stylish colours to suit any guest space.

“Foldable beds are particularly useful as a space saver, where there may be no additional room for beds. They are also a convenient, portable solution for those who frequently move home. The J-Bed Folding Bed(£349.99) features a lightweight aluminium frame and 360 degree castors for easy manoeuvring.

“If your child frequently has sleepover guests, consider a trundle bed. These incorporate a pull out ‘second’ bed underneath the frame, with a storage compartment which can also be used for extra bedding. The Eclipse Day Bed with Trundle Bed(£199.99) is elegant and versatile, with a low base which can easily be used for additional bedding storage.

“Ultimately, comfort is key, so make sure you find a mattress you wouldn’t mind sleeping on for a night or two if the situation calls for it.”

Shop our range of guest beds here:

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