How To Get The Best From Your Bed Frame

A well-cared-for bed frame will support your mattress to keep it lasting longer and give you the good quality sleep you need. Whether you’ve chosen a wooden, metal or fabric style, make sure it stands the test of time and keeps looking great with these easy bed frame hacks.

Caring for your metal bed frame

Metal bed frames are a popular choice because they’re relatively easy to look after. A light dusting when they begin to gather fluff is all you usually need to keep them clean.

If you feel a more thorough cleanse is needed or you’ve spilt something on your frame, it’s fine to wipe it down with a damp cloth. Just follow with a dry cloth immediately afterwards to avoid rust.

Has the dreaded orange tinge already set in? Remove stubborn rust spots with a stiff-wire brush and follow with a coat of sealant to stop it returning.

Metal bed frame | Bensons for Beds

Looking after your wooden bed frame

Wood naturally mellows with age, so the shade of your wooden bed frame will gradually change over time. To slow down this process, avoid direct sunlight exposure by keeping your bedroom curtains closed during the day, or use drapes or netting to reduce how much sunlight shines on your bed.

Want your frame to last? Stop your little ones jumping on the bed as the impact can put a lot of strain on a bed frame – particularly the wooden slats that support the mattress. Check the slats from time to time, giving them a quick dust and looking out for lose screws to tighten if necessary.

To clean your wooden bed frame, use a specialist wood cleaner. Harsh cleaning liquid can damage lacquered surfaces so use a mild soap solution to gently cleanse the frame.

Wooden bed frame | Bensons for Beds

Keeping your fabric bed frame looking its best

To make sure your divan or upholstered bed frame stays at its best, don’t overload or overfill the underneath storage. It can cause the base of the bed frame to cave in and even break. Check the recommended weight for your bed’s storage before filling the space.

Vacuum your fabric bed frames and headboard gently to avoid dust build up. Brush lose fluff away first, then use a specific vacuum attachment for those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in your headboard.

Spotted a stain? Don’t wash the fabric – it’ll be difficult to dry and you might cause more damage. Instead, gently blot the stain away with a damp cloth but avoid rubbing, which can weaken the fabric. Upholstered headboards are at risk of dirt marks and oil stains, so prop up a couple of pillows behind you when resting against it to protect the fabric.

Fabric bed frame | Bensons for Beds

To keep your leather bed frame or headboard clean, use a duster or moist cloth to wipe away grime, then follow immediately with a dry cloth to avoid watermarks. Furniture polish or spirit-based cleaners can damage leather surfaces. Instead, use a gentle liquid soap or specialist leather. And keep your bed away from radiators if possible, to stop the leather drying out or cracking.

Finish your bed off with a headboard that complements your bedroom style.

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