Help! How do I put a headboard on a Divan bed?

A headboard is the focal point of many bedrooms – get the headboard right and decorating the rest of the room should be plain sailing. Get it wrong, however, and you risk your bed looking out of place with the rest of your furniture. When you’re looking for a headboard the first thing to ensure is that you’re looking at a style that will fit your bed properly.

Steps to Choosing the Perfect Headboard


Check the screw holes before buying

Divan beds do not come with a back attached, but they do have bolts and screw holes so that headboards can be attached if desired. Before buying a headboard, it’s important to check how far apart these screw points are to make sure you’ll be able to attach your new headboard properly.

Buy the right size headboard for the room

Buying a headboard that’s too big will make the room look smaller. This size guide can be followed in most cases:

Headboard width: between 0-3 inches from the edges of the mattress.

Headboard height: standard headboards tend to be about 14 inches taller than the top of the mattress.

How to fit a Headboard

To fit the headboard to your divan bed, first unscrew the bolts at the back and side of the bed. Put the headboard in place by lining up the screw holes, and then screw the bolts back into place. Most headboards come with struts that allow you to move it up and down the back of the divan, so find the perfect height for your headboard and tighten the bolts until it can no longer be moved.

How do I keep my upholstered headboard looking like new?

To keep your headboard looking like new, it’s important that you treat any stains as soon as possible:

Greasy stains:

Apply baby powder to absorb the extra oil and leave on for about half an hour. Then brush it away gently with a suede brush and use a clean cloth to wipe the area with a mild detergent and water solution.

Dry stains:

Depending on the specific fabric of your headboard, brush off the stain with a wet cloth or suede eraser. For more stubborn stains, try using white vinegar, but remember to test it on a small area of the fabric first. Once the stain has been removed, wipe over with a wet cloth and let dry.

Top Tip:

To increase the lifespan of your upholstered headboard, place a pillow between you and it when you’re sat on your bed. This will help to prevent it becoming deformed over time, and keep it looking newer for longer.


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