Picking the perfect bedside table


More than just a handy place to keep life’s little essentials, the bedside table can fulfil many roles and purposes. Whether you need some extra storage, a place to set down your bedtime reading, or a piece to start the style story of a bland bedroom, there’s a nightstand solution to fit…

Before you start your search for the perfect bedside companion, ask yourself these questions…

• Are you looking for one bedside table, or two?
• Do you have enough floor space for them, or will you need an off-the-floor style?
• How much surface space and storage do you need?
• Do you want to make a style statement, or get something that blends seamlessly with your existing furniture and décor?
• How tall should your bedside tables be? Would you like them even with the top of your mattress for a smooth, visual line? Or taller, for a more striking effect?

Bensons for Beds | Wooden bedside table with storage


Armed with your answers, it’s time to find out which bedside table is perfect for you…

Bedside tables with storage

Choosing bedside tables with drawers means you’ll be able to stash your magazines and phone chargers out of sight – and hide your current bestseller from borrowers! Go for one drawer, or choose two (or more) if you want to keep everything well-organised.

If you’d rather be able to see all your bedside belongings, opt for styles with open shelves rather than drawers. As well as giving you easy access to everything you can make a style statement with displays, like a colour-coordinated rainbow book shelf.

If you have beautiful lamps, photo frames, ornaments, flowers or candles that you want to show off, choose a bedside table that’s low and wide. This will give you plenty of surface area and vertical space to house tall lamps and other accessories.

Top tip: If you’re really short on surface space or desperate for more bedroom storage, use a chest of drawers in place of a bedside table.


Bensons for beds | Black bedside table

Space-saving bedside tables

If squeezing a piece of furniture next to your bed just isn’t feasible, why not slot in a wall-mounted shelf beside your bed instead? Alternatively, consider an overbed unit that can be incorporated into your other bedroom furniture.

Bedside tables that make a statement

There’s no rule to say that bedside tables need to match – either with each other, or with the rest of your bedroom furniture. Create a statement and mix and match different colours or materials, or for a more subtle take on the eclectic look, choose matching bedside tables in contrasting hues.

Top tip: If you’re going for wooden bedside tables, try to stick to the same type of wood as used in the rest of your bedroom so your collection is more chic than clash.

Now that you know what you need, check out our wide range of bedside tables to find your perfect match.


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